TEST PRESS Pure Release – I'll Know It's Love For Sure / (You've Gotta) Stop, Look And Listen

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Finally, after 40 long years, the impossibly rare diamond-in-the-rough 45 from Pure  Release is once again seeing the light of day. Led by James Fernandez, this East LA  Funk crossover is in a league of its own. It’s sunshine and feel-good vibes from top to  bottom with a decidedly learned but still naive aesthetic. Fernandez stacked his band  with a cast of mostly Latino local session musicians so it’s needless to say that the  rhythm section punches well above its weight for a private release such as this one. 

One of the choice tracks from the album, “I’ll Know it’s Love For Sure”, met some  criticism after the album’s release for its lack of a certain level of polish in the  production. It was eventually re-recorded and pressed to an equally rare 7” single. This  version of the hit song would go on to become the most sought after, and therefore  most easily recognized version. This means, for old and new fans of Pure Release  alike, that the 45 cut of this track from On the Loose might be an entirely new